Privacy Protection Policy

Kuratsugu, Inc (herein after refered to as Kuratsugu) established the regulations listed below in order to appropriately administer and manage personal information that we hold. Kuratsugu will also conduct necessary education and training regarding the importance of personal information for all employees.

Treatment of Personal Information
Kuratsugu will update the security system, develop the operation, train the employees to prevent and correct any abuse and loss, destruction alternation, and leakage of personal information. Kuratsugu will comply with the regulations and guidance to keep all personal information safe.
Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
The use of personal information Kuratusugu collect is to make contact regarding our notifications, answers to questions and email messages.
Limitation of Provision to the Third Party
Kuratsugu will protect and will not disclose the personal information to the third party unless in the case listed below.
  • Based on the agreement between the concerning individuals
  • Giving necessary information to the consignment company in order to fulfill the request of the guest
  • Request for personal information based on laws and regulations
Personal Information Safety Management
Kuratsugu will conduct every possible security control measures to maintain the accuracy and safety of personal information.
Personal Inquiry
When a guest requests their personal information to be inquired, revised, or deleted, Kuratsugu will do so after confirming the identity of the guest.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Kuratsugu will always keep updated and comply with applicable laws and regulations, and guidance by the government regarding the treatment of personal information.
Please contact below regarding our privacy policy.

Kuratsugu, Inc
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